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We have a cost effective way of improving the look and value of your property. There are many reasons someone needs to pressure clean.

If you are selling your house what better way to present it than with a great looking driveway or patio area

We service households, body corporate, shop owners, factories etc. Just about anywhere.

Cleaning tired, old looking, dirty concrete, brickwork, timber or metal can be a time consuming and expensive exercise.

The hiring of a high pressure cleaner (strong enough to clean properly) as well as appropriate cleansers, can run into big money, not to mention the many hours of your labor. Well we have the answer.

We not only pressure clean your walls fences decks etc. We use a mould resistant, eco friendly, non caustic or acidic cleaning solution. Our product is safe for plants, animals and most importantly humans. We can then apply a sealer if required to enhance the colours or patterns to your requirements.

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